The Florida Fire Conference has contracted with specific providers for services involving the tradeshow, host venue and exhibitors. Please ensure any communications you receive from third-parties claiming to be in association with the conference contain the correct domain in the sender email address. Our list of authorized providers is listed below:

  • Show Management: Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association (FFCA) –
  • Registration: Swoogo –
  • General Services Contractor: Alliance Exposition –
  • Lead Retrieval: American Tradeshow Services (ATS) –
  • Host Hotels: Rosen Centre / Rosen Plaza –,,
  • Orange County Convention Center (

Below are exclusive service providers of the Orange County Convention Center:

  • Electric, Plumbing, Rigging and Technical Services: Kassandra Woods, (407) 685-5793 – CLICK HERE to email Kassandra Woods
  • Internet: Smart City Networks:
  • Exhibit Booth Catering: Allison Pandy, (407) 685-5546 – CLICK HERE to email Allison Pandy


*Schedule is subject to change.

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) has certain restrictions and limitations in place for the purpose of preserving the integrity and quality of the facility while ensuring the safety of all visitors on the premises. The contracted general services contractor or decorator (Alliance Exposition) is thus responsible for facilitating onsite logistics in accordance with the OCCC’s parameters.

The OCCC does not permit move-in or loading of large items through the front entrance of the concourse or exhibit hall. Exhibitors will need to load/unload at the rear loading docks of West Concourse, Hall D. Please keep in mind the OCCC has two concourses that are separate buildings – North/South and West.

There will be other shows taking place during the same week of the Florida Fire Conference. Please be mindful that there may be traffic from other shows moving in/out during the Florida Fire Conference’s scheduled move in/out.

The rear loading docks of the OCCC are access controlled by OCCC staff/security. You will not be permitted entry outside of authorized and scheduled hours, so please ensure you abide by the above exhibit schedule.

Orange County Convention Center directions to West Concourse Hall D Loading Docks


If coming from Sand Lake Road, head south on International Drive and make a right on Exhibit Drive or Convention Way, following the roadway towards the rear of the West Concourse.

If coming from State Road 528 (Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway), head north on International Drive and make a left on Exhibit Drive or Convention Way, following the roadway towards the rear of the West Concourse.

Orange County Convention Center West Concourse Hall D Loading Docks (Green indicates designated self-load, yellow indicates Alliance Exposition assisted load-in)

Small Trucks and Trailers

Vehicles permitted to drive onto the tradeshow floor must meet one of the two criteria:

  1. Must be towing a trailer that will be left on the tradeshow floor for display, and exit once the trailer is loaded (subject to $150 spotting fee during move-in, and an additional $150 spotting fee during move-out)
  2. Be a vehicle that will remain on the tradeshow floor for display (spotting fee applies)

Vehicle spotting is Alliance Exposition assisted load-in, and you will be directed by their staff where to go when you arrive onsite. Note on the map, ramp 1 and 3 lead to roll-up doors on the tradeshow floor, so you will likely be directed to one of these two points of entry.

Large Apparatus Remaining on Showroom Floor

Vehicle spotting is Alliance Exposition assisted load-in, and you will be directed by their staff where to go when you arrive onsite. Note on the map, ramp 1 and 3 lead to roll-up doors on the tradeshow floor, so you will likely be directed to one of these two points of entry.

Move-In Process

MATERIAL HANDLING: Work rules require that the official material handling contractor off-load all equipment and display material from commercial carriers/common carriers or van lines. The use of fork trucks, pallet jacks and lift gates are permitted only by personnel of the official material handling contractor (Alliance Exposition). Exhibitors are allowed to perform their own material handling, provided they meet all of the following criteria: Personnel performing the work must be bona-fide, full-time company employees of the exhibiting company. They must be off-loading from a company owned truck or rental vehicle, or from a car, van or truck owned by personnel of the exhibiting company. All trucks, including co-owned or rental vehicles, over 24′ in length will be off-loaded or loaded by the official material handling contractor. They may use only hand-operated equipment, which they have provided; two-wheeled hand trucks and four-wheeled flat trucks are not permitted. The use of fork trucks, pallet jacks, lift gates or any other mechanical equipment is not permitted by anyone other than the official drayage contractor.

Alliance Exposition has made an exception based on understanding the history of this show to allow exhibitors to self-load to ease the transition to the new location (please keep in mind this exception may change at any time in the future). Individuals will be given a 20-minute window strictly to unload items and drop them off in your booth space. Based on your need, Alliance will direct you to:

  1. Park your vehicle across from the loading dock in the designated parking area, and you may hand carry or use your own hand cart or dolly to bring the items from your vehicle, up ramp 2 in the green region and through the standard door entry onto the tradeshow floor. In order to minimize the traffic, please only drop off your items, and return to setup only after you have exited the loading dock with your vehicle.
  2. Depending on what you are unloading, Alliance may permit you to back up your vehicle on ramp 2 to unload your items, however, you will be required to have one person remain with the vehicle (in case there is an issue that requires it to be moved) while another person delivers the items to the booth space.

You will be permitted to use your own hand cart and/or dolly to move items into the tradeshow floor. If you do not have your own hand cart or dolly, Alliance Exposition services can assist you by providing cart service which is priced by and includes a laborer. Please note that for liability reasons, Alliance Exposition cannot loan a hand cart or dolly without a member of their staff to assist.

The use of pallet jacks can only be facilitated by Alliance Exposition – individuals are not permitted to use their own pallet jacks to move items into the tradeshow floor.

*If you have exhibited at Fire-Rescue EAST in the past, note that the OCCC does NOT permit any personal vehicles to drive onto the tradeshow floor strictly to unload, then exit.

Alliance Exposition Load-in
For those who have opted for Alliance Exposition to provide move-in services for you, the areas in yellow are dedicated spaces for exhibitors who have opted for this service. Once you arrive into the loading dock area, you will be directed where to go, and their staff will be ready and available to make your move-in as effortless and smooth as possible. Their staff will help unload and deliver your items to your verified booth space so you can stay with your vehicle and exit once the unload is complete.


It has been advised by the OCCC that any packages that should be shipped to be delivered for the Florida Fire Conference, including Show Management, should ship to the General Services Contractor, Alliance Exposition. Any shipments sent to the OCCC address is automatically routed to an offsite warehouse distribution center where it is held for clearance before being released to the actual facility. This often causes delays, so the OCCC has requested that everyone shipping items for the show route them through Alliance Exposition.

Exhibitor Badges

Expedite the check-in process by registering your reps for their exhibitor badges pre-show. Please note that you must first register and pay for a booth space. The number of representatives and badges allotted for each exhibiting company depends on your booth space. For reference please review the Exhibit Booth Pricing & Badge Allotment page of our website. Once your booth registration has been confirmed, you will be entered into the system to be able to register your representatives for badges.

From time to time, there will be sponsorship opportunities based on the needs of the event to help secure quality instructors, offset costs and/or enhance attendee experiences. Sponsorship opportunities are limited at this time due to the event starting in a few short weeks, however, please keep this in mind for future years as we work to expand the Florida Fire Conference:

Current Opportunities Future Opportunities
  • EVT Continental Breakfast – $2,000
  • EVT/PIO Coffee Breaks – $2,000
  • Request for Pipes and Drum to play at specific event – $2,000
    *Sponsorship is a donation to the Section to help fund equipment and training needs
  • Hands-On Training General Sponsorship – $2,500
  • EVT Lunch – $3,200
  • Conference Mobile App – $5,000
  • Custom Branded Conference Padfolios
  • Custom Branded Conference Lanyards
  • Custom Branded Hotel Room Keys
  • EVT Attendee Shirts
  • Pipes and Drum Shirts
  • Volunteer/Crew Shirts
  • Instructor Shirts
  • Board of Directors Shirts
  • Venue Branding and Signage
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Hands-on Training Classes
  • Hands-on Training Equipment/Materials
  • Hands-on Training Food and Beverage
  • Conference Networking Event
  • Beverage/Snack Breaks on Tradeshow Floor

Records Management Systems Meeting with Division of State Fire Marshal

The Florida Division of the State Fire Marshal has requested a meeting and would like to invite any vendors or representatives who provide records management systems services and will be attending the Florida Fire Conference.

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