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Firesled Extreme Challeng
Firesled Extreme Challeng

The FROG team has been listening to the competitors and we hear you. To coincide with the move to the new location, we have completely changed the preliminary competition maze for Day 1. You have asked for a more skills-based competition, and we have worked to offer just that. We have included more “Firemanship” into the preliminaries. The basics, however, remain as they have been in previous years. This year’s H.O.T. class will spend more time on the new maze so that all competitors can familiarize themselves with the changes and what’s expected. This “reset” levels the playing field and should result in a much more competitive Day 1.

Limit three (3) teams per department. If more than three (3) teams is registered from the same department, the last registered teams will be cancelled, fees withheld, and the team will be placed on a waitlist. If by the deadline, the limit of thirty (30) teams has not been met, waitlisted teams shall be registered in the order that they registered. Any waitlisted teams who are not registered by the deadline will then be refunded registration fees.

Fees: $350 per team of 5

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