The Florida Fire & EMS Conference seeks to become a leading provider of fire and EMS education, hands-on-training and vendor network by creating an event for the fire service community that actively addresses the current needs of the industry. Currently hosted in Orlando, Florida known for its expensive offering for leisure and entertainment, the Florida Fire Conference is more than education or an event – it is an experience.

The Florida Fire & EMS Conference will have something for everyone. In addition to hands-on fireground training, we have three days of keynote sessions, lectures and workshops. Certification and prep courses for Public Information Officers and Emergency Vehicle Technicians will also be part of the wide range of educational offerings.

Formerly known as Fire-Rescue EAST, this event is the largest conference and tradeshow in the southeast United States. After twelve years in Daytona Beach, Florida, attendees and exhibitors called for a change in destination. The Florida Fire & EMS Conference was born to represent the next evolution of this conference which intends to maintain our long-standing and successful programs while adapting our offerings to appeal and provide access to the first responders of tomorrow.


For many years the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association (FFCA) had a winter conference in Ocala and at the same time, the Florida Society of Fire Service Instructors (FSFSI) held their conference concurrently at a different location in the same city. There was a joint dinner each year and a great deal of collaboration between the two organizations.FSFSI later relocated their conference to Orlando and was there for several very successful years. For financial and support reasons, the decision was made by the FSFSI to become part of the FFCA and the combined conference with the addition of a tradeshow became Fire Rescue EAST under the FFCA.

Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association

The Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association (FFCA) organizes the annual Florida Fire Conference and its predecessor, Fire-Rescue EAST.

Since 1958, FFCA has served the chief fire executive of career, combination and volunteer departments. In 1993, the decision was made to open the membership up to any individual involved in fire and emergency services from the chief fire executive to the firefighter and to serve these members by establishing professional-interest sections where specialized programming is offered.

Despite the name of the organization, rest assured that the FFCA keeps every member of the Fire Service in mind and advocates for legislation, education, professional development, and all opportunities that promotes or supports representation and strengthening of the industry.

A board of directors composed of six regional directors and a five-member executive committee governs the association. The headquarters is located in Tallahassee.

FFCA represents over 2,200 members.

Experience – Leadership – Vision

The Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association (FFCA) is Florida’s leading management education organization for fire and emergency services professionals. It is the professional association that specializes in promoting and supporting excellence in fire and emergency services management. FFCA programs help members maintain and develop their management and leadership skills.

Our Mission

The Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association advances the profession of fire and emergency services through proactive leadership, education and advocacy.

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